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Tyisha N. Jenkins, M.Ed., is an educator, mentor, writer, prayer warrior, life and writing coach, and a devoted mother to her son, Geordan.  Tyisha has overcome many obstacles, such as abuse, poverty, her parents’ addiction to drugs and alcohol, challenges of single motherhood, and losing her mother, brother, and father within a nine-year span. Tyisha is perseverance personified, a woman who has never given up on her goals and defies the odds of social norms. Tyisha lives by her father’s mantra, “Education without application is merely information.” She applies life lessons, good and bad, practical and theoretical, logical and irrational, to her journey of faith, strength, resilience, and overcoming. Through Tyisha’s authenticity and transparency, readers gain insight from a transformational, relational, and inspirational woman. Tyisha is a proud graduate of Prairie View A&M University, earning a bachelor of science in human performance and a master of education in educational administration.


Tyisha is a passionate servant leader who is currently impacting students’ lives in her role as a campus administrator. For over 20 years, Tyisha has dedicated her heart and services to students from diverse backgrounds, at-risk populations, students with learning disabilities, as well as highly gifted students. As a young teacher, Tyisha learned the value of developing relationships and seeing her students for who they are and who they could become, two key lessons in nurturing her special student-teacher relationships. For Tyisha, teaching with her heart is just as important as teaching curriculum, as she strongly believes in encouraging students to see themselves beyond their seats, realizing their potential to create the future they envision. Tyisha is also a former high school volleyball, basketball, and track and field coach. In these roles, she passionately coached countless student-athletes while influencing young ladies to be mentally tough, hardworking, and confident.



Tyisha is a co-author in the debut, best-selling book, Promise: A Global Women’s Devotional, where she shares A Promise Through Pain, her testimony of God restoring her hope, joy, and peace after the tragic losses of her loved ones. In this devotional, Tyisha hopes to inspire others to lean into God during times of sadness and despair. Through inspiring others, in turn, Tyisha was inspired to create a prayer journal, Dear Lord, Thank You, Daily Heart-to-Heart Prayers with God in Reverence, Relationship, and Reflection.  This highly anticipated prayer journal is filled with prayers of hope, transparency, and a longing to be in the center of God’s Will daily. Tyisha believes reflecting on God’s goodness over the years has increased her reverence for Who He is and solidified the relationship she seeks to have with Him each day. Tyisha is also a contributing author in I’m Speaking: Rewritten Rules of Encouragement to Affirm where she shares affirmations and encouragement as a woman disruptor. The ReUp was released in 2023 as an inspiring compilation of devotional experiences shared by 24 women who have witnessed and shared their post-pandemic manifestations of God's promises. Tyisha’s latest contribution is in Centering Our Voices: The Brilliance, Persistence, and Significance of Black Women Educators where 22 bold and courageous authors amplify and celebrate their experiences in the field of education. Be on the lookout for Tyisha’s future works, as she is actively expanding her writing career. 


As a highly skilled writing coach, Tyisha guides writers in developing their craft and finding their unique voice, style, and purpose. Tyisha believes in helping the writer develop unique content, ideas, and unmatched confidence. As a former creative writing teacher, Tyisha possesses knowledge and strategies to guide writers in developing characters, plot, structure, themes, tone, and mood to make their writing come alive. Tyisha has helped students win writing contests, aid in publications, and produce compelling keynote speeches. Writing is one of Tyisha’s passions, and she would love to help others tap into their full potential as creatives.


Tyisha Jenkins, the life coach, is understanding, present, and intentional. Her coaching philosophy and style consist of practical and realistic strategies that place clients in a position to reflect, set goals, and execute a plan to achieve said goals. Tyisha prides herself on helping her clients find ways to win, power forward, and celebrate each victory in this thing called life. “Grow through what you go through” is the motto Tyisha lives by, as she believes that every day is a gift and what you put into it is what you will unwrap. 


Tyisha has been featured in Today’s Purpose Woman magazine and Voyage Houston magazine, and she has shared glimpses of her story in several interviews and podcasts.

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